Getting ready for the next big wave

Buying real estate in St Maarten can be compared to a surfer out at sea waiting for that next great ride. You know the wave is coming and while

I you wait for the ,perfect swell, it’s easy to be happy and at peace.

There have been so many negative stories about real estate in recent years that some people might actually believe all markets in every part of the world have been wiped out! With so much going on in the world today, it’s easy to miss what happens on a tiny dot of the globe. This being said, many who are familiar with St Maarten have just enjoyed a very successful wave of real estate growth.

Over history, the property prices in St Maarten have shown a pattern of steady growth, followed by a period of no growth. Noticeably different from many markets around the world is the lack of any significant dips in pricing. Even in challenging times, the local real estate market has proven its stability.

A few years ago when the world economy was booming, St Maarten responded quickly and wisely by constructing numerous condo projects and luxury villas, most of which were sold even before completion. The efforts of local real estate developers were complimented perfectly by a new international airport and new harbor. Making St Maarten more accessible to the world helped to drive demand and pricing, creating small fortunes for many homeowners.

Those who purchased property over ten years ago on this island, in most cases can resell in today’s market for close to double of what they paid. While this rate of appreciation has slowed down since the global recession, property values have remained relatively stable.

In addition to appreciation, several homeowners from abroad have used their St Maarten homes as rental properties, often with pretty lucrative results. It’s easy to find financial reasons to own property in St Maarten, but the ultimate decision is usually motivated by emotion and a desire to own a piece of island life.

There are no restrictions for foreigners to own property on either side of the island, and the process is safe and simple. On the Dutch Side there are NO annual property taxes, and NO capital gains taxes.

The island offers a wide variety of opportunities for ownership, catering to almost every price range, and there are many professional real estate agencies eager to assist you…

Come join us on our wave of success!

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