House Hunter

house hunter

Episode 1 – (original air date September 2007)

After visiting St Maarten on a cruise, Bob and Fran Schmidt decide to trade in their winter clothes for bathing suits. Watch as these New Jersey natives explore Island Real Estate to find their dream home in Paradise.


Episode 2 – (original air date February 2008)

Rajesh and Alita have been renting an apartment for the past 4 years and have gotten frustrated with the small space and the lack of parking. Now they are ready to take their relationship to another level they explore their opportunities to become first time home owners.


Episode 3 – (original air date September 2010)

Dan and Casey from Arkansas are looking for a Caribbean vacation home. Not afraid of a fixer upper, as long as they can ge3t beach access, follow them on their journey as they visit some very interesting properties …

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